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On the first day, God said, "Let there be Light and there was Light..."  Gen:1:3

Color Therapy is the use of color to tonate the body and return the body to balance. Life on earth depends upon light from the sun, which is the ultimate source of all energy on this planet. Plant growth, animal development and behavior, and man's own physical and biochemical system depend directly upon light energy. The cycles of night and day and the changing light patterns of the seasons have a profound effect upon all life.
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"White" sunlight is composed of all the colors of the rainbow combined. These seven basic colors follow an invariable sequence of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. It is of no surprise that our bodies have seven major energy centers with a specific color attributed to each, in order of the seven basic colors. Specific color is then used to tonate for specific imbalances due to the effects the color gives to each imbalance.

Color Reference Chart
::   Root Chakra
::   Connects us to our Physical Self
::   Vitaility, Courage, Self Confidence
::   Red stimulates life energy. Helps build innner strength,
     security, vitality and will power.
::   Red is the grounding color.
::   Ylang Ylang Oil or Sandlwood Oil
::   Spleen Chakra
::   Connects us to our Emotion Self, Happiness,
     Confidence, Resourcefulness.
::   Brings joy to our workday and strengthens our appetite
     for life!
::   Orange helps remove inhibitions.
::   Melissa or Orange Oil
::   Solar Plexus Chakra
::   Connects us to our Mental Self, Wisdom, Clarity, Self      Esteem.
::   Gives clarity of thought, increases awareness and
     stimulates interest is brain food.
::   Rosemary or Bergamont Oil
::   Heart Chakra
::   Connects us to Unconditional Love, Balance, Love, Self
::   Helps relax muscles, nerves and thought.  Cleanses
     and balances our energy, giving a feeling of peace,
     harmony and renewal.
::   Eucalyptus or Pine Oil
::   Throat Chakra
::   Connects us to Holistic thought, Knowledge, Health,
::   This is a mentally relaxing color. Ideal for sleep
     problems, stress or hyperactive children.
::   Hormonal Balancer
::   Geranium or Chamomile Oil
::   Brow Chakra
::   Connects us to our Unconscious Self, Intuition,
     Mysticism, Understanding.
::   Strengthens intuition, imagination, psychic powers and
     increases dream activity.
::   Patchouli or Frankincense Oil
::   Crown Chakra
::   Connects us to our Spiritual Self Beauty, Creativity,      Inspiration.
::   Purifies our thoughts and feelings, giving us inspirations.
     Enhances artistic talent, creativity and ideals.
::   Lavender or Jasmine Oil
::   ? Chakra
::   Connects us to our ability to communicate.
::   Removes toxic wastes, decreases congestion, provides
     opportunities for change.
::   Thyme or Tea Tree Oil
::   Heart Chakra
::   Connects us to our Universal Love, Kindness,
::   Helps to remove irritability & excessive worry, breaks up
     crystallized thought forms. This energy helps to uplift
     calm and soothe.
::   Rose or Rosewood Oil

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