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Becoming a Reiki Practitioner


Using the energy of Reiki in self-healing and to support others is a way to deepen and accelerate one's process and personal healing. All that is necessary is openness, willingness, and a desire to learn. Reiki is not affiliated with any religion or doctrine but rather opens each person to a more direct sense of connection with the spirit.    

Each attunement fills the body with as much Reiki energy as the body can hold. Deep spiritual, emotional and physical changes instigated by them have time to being being integrated between attunements. During Reiki I Class there is a emphasis on the treatment positions to be used for self-healing and for giving treatments with ample time to practice, as the body adjusts to the increased vibration. As these methods are followed after the class, the experience and effect of the Reiki energy deepens as well.

The Second Degree Initiation involves one much stronger energy attunement. Sacred Symbols are taught for increasing the energy. for mental clarity, and for doing distant healing treatments. It is recommended that there be sufficient time between the First and Second Degree Initiations for the person to complete the cleansing process (generally twenty-one days) and to achieve balance.     

A Reiki Master is someone who has received the Third Degree of Reiki Initiation and who has been painstakingly taught the precise ritual to use in opening the energy channels in others. They have worked with another Master for an extended period of time and have a deep commitment to healing. Many Reiki Masters are dedicated to teaching and sharing through individual treatments.

1st Degree Reiki Class 

Reiki is energy. It is universal life energy. Re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Vsui, in Japan, around 1840, this system of healing follows the teachings of Jesus. Reiki is a wonderful way to experience wholeness and healing in the body, mind and spirit. The energy flows from the hands of the practitioner to the one receiving it. During this class one will have the opportunity to learn:
  • self Reiki
  • chair Reiki
  • animal Reiki
  • tree and plant Reiki
  • full treatment Reiki

All that is necessary is the willingness, openness and desire to learn. 
Cost $150.00

Bring a potluck for lunch, we will eat here.

For Class Registration and location directions contact:
Diane Osbon, L.M.T.Reiki and Shakti Kei Reiki Master Usui System of Natural Healing

Please mail your $50.00 non-refundable deposit to:
Healing Arts Spa & Retreat
P.O. Box 2113
North Platte, Nebraska 69103-2113

2nd Degree Reiki  Class

In this class, persons who have completed Reiki 1 training and have used Reiki actively in their lives, renew their commitment to the use of Reiki. They are taught the methods evolved by Dr. Usui for sending Reiki at a distance and for furthering the mental, spiritual, and emotional healing processes of individuals.

Diane Osbon, LMT, Reiki Grand Master

Usui System of Natural Healing

Class Tuition: $150.00

Call 308-532-9345 to register, then please mail your $50.00 non-refundable deposit to:
Healing Arts Spa and Retreat
P.O. Box 2113
North Platte,

Nebraska 69103-2113






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Diane has magical hands. I was so stressed out from work , so my wife bought me a 60 minute session gift certificate for my birthday . I have to say , best birthday present she's given me.

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