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Shakti Reiki 


Shakti Reiki is an independent Reiki system which is used to help release sexual trauma and is especially powerful when used with Usui Reiiki symbols. Shakti symbols pull negative energy from the body and the auric field, including sometimes, from past life experiences. It then works to reestablish healthier, lighter energies, emotions and boundaries.

The best student for this class is a person who is serious about healing their own sexual difficulties, and helping their students and or clients to deal with issues in this area. These teachings often bring to the surface, deep conditioning and should be undertaken by those who are already working consciously with their own sexual issues (i.e. psychotherapy, 12 Step Programs, Body work, etc.)

For more information on class times and locations
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Reiki Grand Master

We all have sexual issues. Many of us have sexual trauma of one kind or another in our past. Dealing with it can be somewhat traumatic, because a healing tends to bring forth the very memories and emotional responses that have terrified us in the past. It is always useful to have a mentor, guide, psychotherapist, spiritual teacher or other knowledgeable person who can stand steady for us as the waves of past traumas and beliefs begin to release from our psyche. Furthermore, a formerly initiated Reiki practitioner usually will have a somewhat easier time integrating the Shakti energies. For those familiar with Reiki symbols, there will be a deeper understanding of how to use the 5 new Shakti symbols in this system.

Treatment: 4 Sessions every other day
Fees: $200.00

Practitioner Level
Mastery Level

Student preferably is a level II Reiki Practitioner and has been working on their own sexual issues. Class includes five Shakti Symbols.

Fees: $200.00

Student is a Certified Reiki Master and has taken the Practitioner Level. Class includes Master Symbol and teaching attunement.

Fees: $200.00







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Go north on Hwy 83 to mile marker 99 and turn left onto Ehler road. Follow Ehler road to Healing Arts Sign, then turn right up to Healing Arts Spa, just say AHHH!

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