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 Now that it is a new year, many are working on their new year's resolutions. It is so great to have the desire to make your life and self better. My belief is a little different, in that I believe every day is a new beginning and a new start, so I personally don't wait til the beginning of a year to make changes.

Losing weight is the number one resolution and rightly so. We have become the most obese country in the world. It isn't as much about the amount of food as the toxins in the food that is the problem. Our bodies are having a very hard time keeping up, trying to flush all the toxins out that are bombarding it. Preservatives, pesticides, artificial dyes, chemicals, artificial sugar, chlorine, flouride, aspartame, monosodium glutamate.....just to name a few. Stay away from box food, it is dead and loaded with chemicals. Making your meals from scratch doesn't take that much longer especially if you use the crockpot....

One of the easiest ways to make changes, is to stop eating or drinking one thing each week that is not healthy and add one each week that is. In a very short time your diet will have improved. If you don't know what is healthy, here is a simple rule....If God made it and man didn't change it, you can eat it!!!Once you make the changes, keep them.

If you can get off sugar, stay off. It only takes one to two weeks to overcome this addiction and once you are off sugar completely, you will not crave it. Sugar in its many forms is one of the causes of diabetes. Sugar is a trigger in eating disorders and the first to be eliminated in order to lose belly fat.

Fruit is best eaten on an empty stomach, so eat fruit in the morning. Fruit is a cleanser and the morning is the time when the body flushes its waste.  For weight loss, exercise is best between 5 and 7 a.m. It will stimulate the metabolism of the body and help the colon dump its waste. After the colon releases, then the liver dumps its waste into the large intestine. The liver is the organ that metabolises fat, so if the liver is sluggish or overworked, the body will send the fat to be stored in the body, usually around the tummy, hips and thighs. This is why it is so important to eliminate the chemicals you are ingesting from the food and drinks you eat. It is literally making you fat!

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the very best choices.Vegetables strengthen the body. They literally make you strong.

There are some good websites and books on Raw food diets. Vegetarians need to eat between six and seven times a day. Many people fail to embrace a vegan/vegetarian diet because they don't eat enough food. Some people get weak when starting this way of eating, but it is the lack of protein that is the cause. Meat is not the only source of protein(don't tell our wonderful ranchers that). Beans and rice in the same dish have more protein than meat. Also legumes, peanuts, split peas, and the many choices of beans all contain protein, as do some vegetables.  Vegetables are light food and digest quickly, so vegetarians need to eat at least every 3 hours. This will keep the energy as well as the blood sugar up. When the blood sugar drops from not eating, or getting too hungry, this is when the sugar cravings happen. That feeling that I have to eat something, anything.....

Another way to feel your best is to eat according to your blood type. " A" blood types are vegetarian. " O" blood types are meat eaters. Just more evidence that not all things work the same for all people and we are a very unique species!

I also recommend eating a rainbow diet. It is fruit and vegetables of each of the colors of the rainbow everyday!! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. This will help balance the seven basic chakras of the body since they correspond to the seven colors of the rainbow. The chakras are the energy centers along the center of the body.

There are several supplements that can assist in losing belly fat, curbing appetite and keeping fat from being stored. Garcinia, Green coffee bean extract, Red Raspberry Ketones and  more can be purchased here at Healing Arts Spa and Retreat. If you would like a Nutritional Coaching session or have questions please call me at 308-532-9345. Blessings, Diane Osbon, L.M.T.





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